TreeWorks for ArcGIS Desktop

TreeWorks™ is a fully integrated, standard extension for ArcGIS Desktop. It is a toolbar that includes many features, including:

  • Rich set of out-of-the-box functions for cataloging tree locations, risk assessment, maintenance, and tree appraisal
  • Powerful spatial analysis, an abudnance of tools, and familiarity for users
  • Shared tree and maintenance data management
  • Automated tree appraisal calculation, based on ISA species ratings and formulas and input local parameters
  • Built-in reporting to generate reports on species distribution, tree condition, or tree risk

With TreeWorks, there are many possibilities such as:

  • The ability to leverage existing GIS resources, such as imagery basemaps, road, and parcel information
  • Real-time tree review and inspection
  • Querying maintenance data to create and print work orders, whether out in the field or inside an office
  • Entering and mapping service requests as they are received at the office, and take the information to the field for inspection and response
  • Converting data to other platforms such as Google Earth, AutoCAD, I-Tree Streets, or Microsoft Access/Excel