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Introduction to TreeWorks

Tuesday March 6th @1pm Eastern Time                           Sign Up

Join us in the following webcast where The Kenerson Group will give a general introduction to the TreeWorks Program (Both Field and Office Simulation). This should take approximately a half hour. This will be followed up by taking any and all questions from the audience. This webinar is free, open to the public and is 100% non-committal.

Mobile Options

Monday March 26th @1pm Eastern Time                          Sign Up

A TreeWorks Analyst will illustrate the differences between TreeWorks Online & TreeWorks for ArcPad. We will also review the ArcGIS Online Settings/Configuration. Approximate time ~30 minutes

TreeWorks Data Conversions

Tuesday March 27th @1pm Eastern Time                          Sign Up

Learn how to convert your data. ITree Streets, Google Earth, CAD, ArcReader, Excel, Whatever.....There's lots of options. We will show you how. Approximate time ~45 minutes

Private Webinar

Pick a time: Monday thru Friday 10am-4pm Eastern               Sign Up

We conduct private TreeWorks webinars weekly. A TreeWorks Programmer will be paired with a TreeWorks Arborist to demonstrate the program and to help answer your questions. To schedule a webinar, click here.

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