How to ‘query’ your TreeWorks data.

1. TreeWorks incorporates a ‘query tool’ to assist users in asking questions of the data in their inventory. The query tool will identify data based on specific site attributes, geographic location, or a combination of physical and geographic features.

2. Let’s explore a hypothetical query situation to learn how to narrow a larger dataset into more meaningful categories.


3.. Now let’s say we want to identify all the trees on Cheshire Ave. (location) which have planned pruning tasks (maintenance task) which are high priority and scheduled for the future.

4. We want to query only tree sites, so select ‘tree’ from the ‘site type’ dropdown menu. Now, to locate only those trees on Cheshire Ave., select the appropriate street from the ‘Roads’ dropdown menu.


5. Since we want to query trees on Cheshire Ave with planned maintenance tasks we’ll now select the ‘query by maintenance info’ tab to select additional data to refine our query.


6. Since we’re searching for planned prunings on Cheshire Ave select ‘prune’ from the dropdown menu adjacent to ‘task’. Since we only wish to identify those which are scheduled as hi priority, select according to the page below. After clicking ‘select’ your search results are revealed on your TreeWorks desktop.


7. Now we’ve identified the one scheduled pruning on Cheshire Ave previously scheduled as "hi priority".


You can also select Tree Sites or any other layers in ArcGIS™ using the  Select by Attributes or Select by Location methods in ArcMap, when you make a selection using other methods the TreeWorks Query tool will recognize and display the number of trees that are currently selected on the map.