How to assign maintenace tasks and track their progress using TreeWorks.

Knowledge base article: 00124

Last updated: 1/22/2009

1. After conducting ground reconnaissance on Cheshire Ave., an urban forestry technician, has identified the need for maintenance tasks on two Norway maple’s on the northeast side of the road. Let’s discuss how to catalog and track these maintenance requests.

2. After returning to the office we’ve identified the trees in need of maintenance on our map.


3. Now we’ll select the first tree we wish to edit using our ‘identify tree site’ tool. Selecting site ID 438 prompts our ‘view / edit tree site’ pane. Be sure to activate edit mode by checking the box in the lower left corner of the screen.


4. Navigate to the ‘maintenance info’ tab to assign maintenance tasks to be completed. Click ‘Add Task’ to specify the planned maintenance to be scheduled for the tree site we selected.



5. Using a series of dropdown menus we’ll specify the maintenance which needs to be completed, the time frame in which it should be completed, and if applicable, the appropriate service request or work order information necessary in your department.


6. After clicking ‘save’ , the planned maintenance is stored in your TreeWorks database and accessible through querying sites with planned maintenance or identifying the specific tree attributes.


7. Now its two weeks later and I can’t remember if that Norway maple has been pruned yet. Select your ‘query tree sites’ tool from the TreeWorks toolbar and query sites based on the requested maintenance info.  


8. We can now see that the maintenance has not yet been completed since our query selected that same Norway maple we scheduled two weeks ago.


9. At the end of the week the scheduled pruning of our storm-damaged Norway maple has been completed, let’s learn how to update that info in our TreeWorks database.

10. After selecting the appropriate tree from our map using the ‘identify tree site’, or the ‘query’ tool from step 7, we can navigate to the maintenance tab toward the top of our window. Now we see the planned pruning which was scheduled a few weeks ago.


11. Double-click the pruning task to initiate the ‘edit / log task’ window. Move the status to completed and enter the appropriate completion info before saving the task and your maintenance has officially been completed and recorded in your TreeWorks database. Well done!