How to create and manage service requests (Professional License Only)

  1. In municipal tree management situations there are numerous individuals, employees, and organizations identifying the need for shade tree maintenance tasks. TreeWorks has developed a system for recording and tracking service requests in a desktop setting.

2. Let’s say a neighborhood resident calls the city arborist with a concern about the black walnut across the street from her home. In the TreeWorks desktop toolbar select the ‘service requests’ icon  to record information about this request.

3. Once in the ‘service requests’ window we can see past service requests which have been previously cataloged. Click ‘add request’ in the lower left corner to record our new request.


4. The first step is to catalog the request under the ‘request info’ tab including the caller’s information and a general description of the request.




5. Typically an urban forestry staff member will assess the situation from the ground and collect specific geographic, tree-attribute, and service assessment information. Upon arriving back into the office this information can be used to update the request in the ‘service request’ pane. This specifies the need for disease treatment.

6. This specified need for treatment will now be updated in the ‘maintenance task’ pane as soon as the user includes a specific tree site. This is accomplished by either manually entering the site ID # or adding the tree from a previous query selection . Do. Don’t check the double-outlined box next to the site ID # until the work is completed.


7. A component of the ‘service request’ for format is a tab which allows the user to add notes regarding the situation on the ground and the appropriate course of treatment.



8. Now that the service request is updated in the maintenance task log this pesticide treatment can be completed either through updating the specific service request or identifying the service as completed in the maintenance task manager.>



9. Now that service requests have been logged we can access these data and create reports identifying detailed information on requests, their attributes, and their progress.

10. From your TreeWorks toolbar click the ‘Generate Reports’ icon.   Under the ‘TreeWorks Professional’ tab selecting ‘Service Request Progress’ will display all logged service requests, and their current status, within a user-defined time frame.




11. Clicking the ‘service requests’ button directly below will display more detailed information regarding specific service requests including caller information and user notes.




12. With this more detailed understanding of the recording, tracking, and reporting of ‘Service Requests’ users can more efficiently track this process and display request data seamlessly.