How to add photos from a digital camera.

  1. In TreeWorks desktop users can add digital photographs to display imagery of specific trees in their inventory. Aside from having a visual record of each tree, this process can assist in cataloging defects or documenting maintenance activities.

  2. There are specific ways to add geographically referenced photos at the same time as adding a tree in the field but this can require sophisticated GPS units. In this case we’ll add photos from your computer using a standard digital camera, and desktop applications.

  3. After adding a new tree, or identifying a tree you wish to edit, navigate to the ‘pictures’tab of your window. Here you would select ‘add new picture.’


4. This keystroke prompts the user to browse to the location on their computer where the photo will be accessed. Navigate to the location of your picture files and select the image you’d like to display in association with this tree site.


5. Selecting a photo will reference the image with the geographic point associated with the tree site we selected earlier.


6. At this point you can continue adding new pictures or save your edits and exit the ‘add / view tree site’ window.