Check-Out From TreeWorks

1. After connecting the handheld PDA to your computer via the USB port, a message will appear displaying the status of your connection via ActiveSync.


2. Once the PDA is in sync with your desktop the ActiveSync window will indicate your device is connectedand your data is synchronized.


3. If your mobile device is in its cradle, be sure ArcPad™ is not running. With your TreeWorks project loaded on the desktop click the ‘ Check-Out Data ’ icon on your TreeWorks toolbar.


4. If you have more than one PDA the check-out operation will then prompt you to specify the named-unit. Navigate to your handheld device from the dropdown menu and select your PDA.


5. ActiveSync will process the information to include on the map and successively update the data into ArcPad™ on your mobile device.



6. We can now view our orthophoto and TreeWorks data in ArcPad™. Note: if un-checked-in data already exists on the PDA from a prior check-out, a message box will advise you of this and roll back the check-out.


After a day of field-work we come home with new data to check-in to TreeWorks desktop.


Checking data in

Canceling a checkout