Cancel Checkout

Imagine a scenario in TreeWorks desktop in which you checkout data to your mobile unit before realizing you’ve uploaded the wrong geographic area to your handheld device. Let’s discuss how we can use the ‘cancel checkout’ feature to correct the problem.

1. Connect your handheld PDA to the desktop using the Microsoft ActiveSync protocol.

2. After your device is synched to the desktop click the ‘cancel checkout’ icon in your TreeWorks toolbar.

Caution – Do not cancel checkout if you have new data which you’ve collected, data you think you’ve collected, or if you’re just unsure. These data WILL BE LOST. If you’re uncertain about new data please attempt checking-in data to TreeWorks. You may find out there’s no new data on your handheld, but you won’t lose any potentially valuable data in the process.

3. Canceling the checkout successfully will remove the base map image and any shapefiles you mistakenly checked out to your handheld. Your PDA device is now a clean slate and you’re ready to check-out a new dataset.



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