Adding a new user to your TreeWorks database.

1. As city arborist you’ve just hired a new urban forestry technician to your staff. She will now be in the field using TreeWorks on a daily basis. Let’s enter a new user into the system so their work can be referenced in the TreeWorks database.

2. Log in to your TreeWorks desktop by clicking the gold key which appears on your toolbar.

3. Once logged-in to TreeWorks, the configurations tab of the toolbar will become active. Click the ‘Configure TreeWorks’ tool to begin customizing your TreeWorks settings.

4. Once in the TreeWorks configuration pane select ‘Users’ from the series options displayed the left of the window.

5. Below you will see the names of all users currently registered in the database. Add the name of your newest user and save by clicking the ‘Add New User’ button below.  

6. This new employee will now appear as an available user login.