Adding a tree using TreeWorks Desktop

1. After logging in to your TreeWorks toolbar by clicking the gold key , select theAdd a New Tree Site button     located on the TreeWorks Toolbar.  

2. Now use your cursor to identify the specific location of the new tree based on your orthophoto analysis or GPS data.                                                       

3. A click of your mouse adds the geographic information of your new tree site to the base map and initiates a series of dropdown menus in which you will use to specify unique tree attributes.


4. We’re now able to add specific tree data including; species, diameter, location (street address), growing environment, current condition, defects, risk assessment, cultural information, and maintenance needs based on a series of tabs and drop-down menus.    

5. After saving your newly entered tree data by selecting save on the bottom right corner of the window your data is secured in the TreeWorks database and properly referenced with a geographic point on the ground.