TreeWorks for ArcGIS Desktop


TreeWorks™ is a standard extension for ArcGIS Desktop. It's a toolbar that gives arborists a rich set of out-of-the-box functions for catologing tree location, risk assessment, maintenance, and tree appraisal all while providing the powerful spatial analysis, tools, and familiarity that users want in ArcGIS Desktop. This coupling of techniologies allows you to leverage your organizations existing GIS resources such as imagery basemaps, road, and parcel information. At the same time, the tree and maintenance data you create and track with TreeWorks™ can be shared throughout your organization via ArcGIS.


  • TreeWorks™ is a fully-integrated, standard extension to ArcGIS Desktop.
  • Track and review tree inspections in real-time at the office.
  • Query your maintenance data to create and print work orders; you can log completed work out in the field or back at the office.
  • Enter and map service requests as they come to you in the office, and take the info out in the field for inspection and response.
  • TreeWorks™ features automated tree appraisal calculation, based on ISA species ratings and formulas, and your inputted local parameters.
  • TreeWorks™ has built-in reporting. Easily generate reports on species distribution, tree condition or tree risk.
  • Converting' your data is easy and straightforward. Move your data to GoogleEarth™, AutoCAD™, I-Tree Streets, or Microsoft™ Access/Excel with just a few mouse-clicks.